Friday, February 19, 2010

Swim Trainer

One of the best places to go besides CrossFit is Monkey Bar Gym. They too have the WOD but they also have a store to buy the products they use.

The Swim Trainer is designed for sports specific training and conditioning. It's the best way to improve your game - tennis, golf, swimming, punching, throwing, and so much more. Two cables connected to one point of attachment. This unique design allows the user to pull each cable independently or together without worry of the cable becoming uneven from side to side. Because of this, it is perfect for all types of sports & fitness training. $24.95

Here is today's WOD
Friday February 19th

Body ESP (endurance, strength, power) instructor led class unless of course you're training on your own:), do an ALL OUT set, rest 15-30 seconds, a bit longer if you need, get some water, write down what you did, then do next exercise. do as many as possible reps at each station, keep track of reps.

FORM IS SUPER STRICT, 2 count up (breathing out), 1 second pause at top, 2 count down (breathing in), 1 second pause at bottom, repeat all reps this way. GOAL IS ALL SETS ABOVE 10 REPS MINIMUM, UP TO 30 REPS, IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO 30+ REPS, MAKE IT HARDER!! GO TO NEXT LEVEL OR ADD MORE RESISTANCE!!

push ups - knees / regular / power push up 1-2 bands or with weight vest
body rows - 60 degrees / 90 degrees / box 90 degrees can add vest
tiger push ups - knees / tigers / feet on 12" box or add vest
bent over rows - 30% bodyweight / 50% bw / 70%
hindu push ups - knees / hindus / divebombers can add vest
side to side body rows - 60 degrees / 90 degrees / box 90 degrees (left & right, middle row = 1)
alligator push ups - knees / alligators / alligators with PPU or vest
alternate bent over rows - 30% / 50% / 70%
rest 5 minutes, keep track of totals, then move on to second group

lunges - 20% / 40% / 60% bw
power wheel or jungle gym curls
foot up lunge (left, then right) - on box / on jungle gym / on cable or nothing
swings - 30%/40%/50%
front squat - suitcase 30% / racked 40% / racked 50%
power wheel curls / jungle gym runners / jungle gym runners
keep track of each total, get some water, cool down:)