Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sigma, Simple, Easy and Cheap Cycling Computers

In today's day and age getting out and being healthy is tough, unless you are one of the millions that have been laid off, if so you have no excuse then to get out and exercise. Well Sigma has made it a little cheaper to do just that and track your milage as well. Introducing the BC 1106 DTS-WIRELESS SPEED...
BC 1106 DTS Features
General functions

Wireless transmission of 100% digitally coded data segments
Language setting, 7 languages
Low battery indicator
Backup function/through saving chip
Two wheel sizes adjustable
Clock and model name in standby
Bike functions

Actual speed
Average speed
Comparison of actual and average speed
Maximum speed
Trip distance
Total distance bikes 1+2
PRICE: $59.99

Now you have no excuse, hey use the time to network with others that are out of a job, some of the best ideas and friendships come from time like these.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nascar coming to The Tour of Turkey

This is the most outrages piece of unsportsmanlike footage that you will ever watch. A ban for life should follow. Moving at 30+ mph and then through into a metal barrier could have killed Darril Impey. Theo Bos from Rabobank went out of his way from behind to grab Darril and toss him into the barier, the best thing was that there was a camera rolling and the commentator saw it unfold before it happened.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nice Rack! Bike Rack That is.

There are a lot of car bike rack companies, Thule, Rocky Mounts, Yakima, all work very well and have been in business a long time. Then one emerges as a little different and take what is good about those racks and rethinks it, Kuat Innovations has done that, making light (11 pounds), sturdy, quick, easy to fold up, and has functions built in (bike lock, hitch lock) that other don't. One of the best features is the ability to adjust based on the frame size and to clamp against the frame allowing a more sturdy carrying position.
hey bikes get updated yearly, maybe its time for your rack to get the same treatment.

Friday, January 16, 2009

01/15/09 - Swim - chopped wood

Kick/Swim Workout, started with an easy 400 warm up, then went into a 800 pull no paddles. Then 10/50 under/overs per 25 on the 1 min, then 5 100, on the 2 min, a 400 easy after that with a 100 warm down, not much to say the cold and run/bike seems to be getting to me. I chopped wood for 2 hours and stacked it, felt this would be a good all body workout and I was right, sore.

01/14/09 - Run and Bike

So it is full on, into training we go, so did 7.5 miles on the tread started the usual 7.5 mph (8 min miles) then stepped it up with 10 min with a 4% incline same speed then back down and finished it with 7:28 miles. Felt good not that tired but really ramped it up at the end. The bike was on the trainer and it felt much better than the spin bike, did that for a hour, watched last years Ironman got me through it since it was 20 degrees out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

01/13/09 - Swim and LIFT

Well swam for a 50 min and it felt nice, I did a little over a mile and then did a 1200 pull set, seems like it is all coming back. Good thing this is only the build set. Then did a Kettlebell workout, 3 sets of:
One Arm Swings 10 (5 each)
One Arm Snatch 10 (5 each)
Military Press 10 each
Hand to Hand Swings (20)
Rows (10 each arm)


01/11/09 - OFF


Monday, January 12, 2009

01/10/09 - SNOW RUN

SNOW and COLD, well this is one way to see if you can go 8.8 miles. So it snowed and then iced over, so each steps was a little like skating but really worked the stabilizer muscles. Once you pushed off your foot would go a little further. But allin all was ran for 1:13:18, for 8.8 miles supper cold 22 degrees so it turns into 8 min+ mile. Did not feel tired and could have kept going so that is a plus. I spent 30 min in my red zone pushing it in some spots and 35 min in my good zone.

01/09/09 - Spin Bike

Spin bike, this is where you see if you can make it, get through the first two weeks inside and the rest will go smooth. So 1:28:00 roughly 30 miles tough go but got out of the sadle and started to mash the big wheel. Good article to read about training inside, on Active.
Ok Run Tomorrow and it looks like a cold and snowy day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

01/08/09 - Run, Bike

Ok felt in a rhythm ran 7 miles at 7:30 second run and this seems promising and a good start. At roughly 6 miles I started to increase from 8.5 up to 10.5 with a 11.5 sprint at the end. Really the only good thing about the tread is that you can increase and decrease the speed and incline anytime. One thing that I don't want to lose is my sprinting speed so doing a increase in speed is important. I think that I will do a quarter mile increase then a quarter mile normal, see how I can push the limits.

The spin bike was 20 miles in a hour so 20 mph not bad and looks like a good start I would really like to be able to start with 20 mph to begin the season and get into the 24 for races even higher since I ended the season with a 24.5. So I did some ups and downs, hard resistance and easy warm up and warm downs, but the spin felt good. Now Need to really start to look at my diet and fluid intake.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

01/07/09 - Swim, Strength

1600 yards
400 pull set for strength
So got in the water, I am trying different things like eating breakfast and not jumping in the water at 5 am. So I waited had breakfast a coffee, and FRS Plus, I love this stuff. Then I headed to the pool, no one there, swam a easy 100 then went the full 1600, took a little longer than expected 30 min but after not swimming for 2 months not bad, then a 400 pull set. The swim felt good muscle a little tight and more stoke feels short, still a good swim. Then did a good set of kettlebells. Good day but tired.

01/06/09 - Run, Bike

So we are really in full swing, ran 7 miles on the tread, that is the worst but good for sprints and hills. I went for 54 min that is a 7:30 pace around, not great but not bad for and easy day, did some sprints at the end for a half mile at 10 mph. Went home and rested, ate and then biked 20 miles. Yes it was on a spin bike, I think I will do that this week then switch to the trainer and/or rollers. Over all it felt good to be in a routine again and think that I am a better position this year than were I was last year.
Swimming and lifting tomorrow, oh my watch had to get new batteries so i can't give great stats till I re-calibrate the foot pod.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Got back in the pool today, after 2 months off. Felt good a bit cold and after about 1000 yards I was feeling it. Went for about 40 min about 1500 yards I was trying to to keep track. Did a little of everything, kick, pull and sets. I was a little surprised that more people where not at the pool but a free lane to myself is always good. Will do a kettlebell workout later in the day as well. Trying to stay on course with weights through the whole season.
Happy New Year

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I have learned a lot since the end of the season, first from getting certified as a Level 1 Triathlon coach from the USAT, and also learning kettlebell. What are great way to train the core, one great workout is from Sports Fitness Advisor, try this and get strong fast.

Kettlebell Cleans
1. Keep torso straight but bent forward at the hips slightly.
2. Explosively raise the kettleballs by extending the hips, knee and ankle in a “jumping action”.
3. Keep your elbows out and shoulders directly above the kettleballs as long as possible. Keep the kettleballs close to the body.
4. Once you have extended the lower leg shrug your shoulders and at maximum elevation of the shoulders start pulling with the arms. Keep the elbows high during the pull until the highest point.
5. Rotate elbows around and underneath the kettleballs. Rack your hands across the front of the shoulders. Slightly flex the hips and knees to absorb the weight.
6. This should be a fluid motion where all the steps flow together.

Single Arm Kettlebell Row
1. Stand with feet hip width and knees slightly bent. Bend at hips with back straight and knees bent.
2.Take one hand and place on stationary object that is approximately waist height to support upper body.
3. Hold kettleball in other hand with a neutral grip and let arm hang straight down (perpendicular to floor).
4. Keeping elbows close to body, pull kettleball up to body and squeeze shoulder blades together at top of movement.
5. Return to start position. Remember to keep back and head straight - hyperextension, flexion, or trunk rotation may cause injury.

Alternating Floor Press
1. Lie on your back holding a kettleball in each hand.
2. Alternating with your arms push up one kettleball at a time.
3. Slightly rotate your trunk when pressing the kettleball up. Repeat with the other arm.

Kettlebell Front Squat
1. Grasp kettleballs and hold them at chest level in front of you.
2. Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Knees should be slightly bent.
3. Lower body by flexing at the hips and knees. Upper body can flex forward at the hips slightly (~5°) during movement. Be sure to “sit back” so that knees stay over the feet.
4. Once thighs are parallel to floor, return to start position.

Single Arm Kettlebell Jerk
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Position kettleball to ear level with an overhand grip (palms facing forward).
2. Go into a quick ¼ squat. Immediately extend legs and stand up and at the same time press hands up above head keeping wrists over the elbow and arm moving parallel to body at all times.
3. Return to start position. This is an explosive exercise and the legs are used to be able to lift more weight overhead

Kettlebell Swing
1. Hold one kettleball between your legs and your body is in a bentover stance with your back flat.
2. Swing the kettleball backwards and then forcefully swing the kettleball forward to a chest level. Keep your arm straight and forcefully extend your hips, knees, and ankles.

Kettlebell Windmill
1. Place one arm overhead full extended with a kettleball. Bend forward at the hips keeping back flat to grab the other kettleball with the free hand.
2. While holding one kettleball overhead continue to raise and lower the other kettleball.
3. Continue for the desired repetitions and repeat with the other arm.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

01/01/09 - Trail Running in 25 degrees

For over a decade starting the New Year off right with a trail run or Mt. Bike has been the way that I start the season. No matter what the temp or condition, today was a nice 25 degrees and it was wonderful. I am amazed about how much I don't know about the town that I grew up in. With open spaces and people donating land finding cool places to run is getting easier.
Anyway starting the new year off with some sort of activity should be in all athletes training schedule. For many of us in the north east running in the cold is part of training for the next couple months and I love it. Got myself a pair of Newton Motion All Weather and they are great. Newton has taken their normal shoe added warmth and made an incredible shoe. The Motion All-Weather, is a Motion hybrid that offers Newton’s unique universal posting that accommodates all foot-types, stability and neutral. It features a wind resistant, water-repellent breathable upper, gusseted tongue, and high reflectivity for cold, dark, weather. The patented Action/Reaction Technology™ in the forefoot and heel as well as the midsole foam are specifically tuned for cold and wet temperatures. The outersole incorporates a grippy rubber for reliable traction on wet surfaces.
The best part of the winter months is the trail running and different terrain, but the muscles that you will build up and keep throughout the triathlon season. So what ever you are going to do, get out and embrace the conditions, you never know you might learn something more about yourselves.