Monday, March 17, 2008

3/13/08 - Swimming - Biking

Feeling more energetic now that the season is changing, spring is coming that means outside rides. So this was a swim and bike day, still wearing my Spidey suit for drag I am feeling pretty good in the water, my kick needs work I can feel it after a had run or bike that my legs are heavy need to get over that feeling.
So the swim was a nice easy get through the water swim:
400 yards warm up
25 min pull
800 kick
200 swim down

Bike stats:
Duration: 40 min
Distance: 11.5
HR: 132/165
Speed: 17.2/21.5
Cadence; 73/84

3/16/08 - Biking, Sprint, TT workout

OK this was a tough build the lactic acid up in the muscles and get cranking workout. Started easy then built tough. If you don't already have this DVD go out and get it, Spinervals 23.0 Time Saver:
Short on Time? Train with 200 Athletes to these 30 minute workouts!

Workout A: Technique Workout B: Tempo/TT Workout C: Power/Sprint

Short on training time and have just 30 minutes to squeeze in an effective workout?!

Join Coach Troy Jacobson and 200 athletes from the Minnesota cycling community for a 30 minute 'Time Saver' workout, each designed to focus on a specific area of your fitness while saving TIME.

Workout 'A' - Technique: This 30 minute technique session includes one legged drill work and high cadence pedaling to maximize your leg speed and create better efficiency on the bike.

Workout 'B' - Tempo/Time Trial (TT): Challenge yourself to maintain your maximum output above your anaerobic threshold during a set of leg burning 90 second reps.

Workout 'C' - Sprint/Power: Develop explosive power output and sprinting speed with short bursts of maximum intensity.

This disk includes a short interview with 3-Time Tour De France Winner and cycling legend, Greg LeMond and an overview of Bicycle Maintenance with top bicycle mechanic, Kevin O'Connor.

I did workout B:
so we did a nice 5 min warm up that consisted of 30 sec on 30 sec off, big chain 15 back, then jumped into 7 90/90 that is on off at full speed 90 cadence. Finished by a 2 min rest, 3 min full all out at 80 cadence, then 2 min rest. Wiped out...

Tomorrow is a bike again since I moved my schedule around to swim with the masters team yesterday.

3/15/08 - Brick, Run, Swim

Was not planning on a brick but turns out that way. Did a nice easy run get through 3 miles in 30 min is what was called for, done. Then went into a Master swim, so first the run:
Run Stats:
Duration: 25.08
Distance: 3 miles
HR: 155/172
Pace: 8:20/7:19

Swim workout:

X Reps Dist. Set Discription Interval Total
1 1 600 Free Loosen 600
1 8 75 Choice - Drill/Swim by 25 @ 1:30 (:20) 600
1 8 100 Free - Pull B-4,5,6,7 by 25 Easy @ 1:40 (:15) 800
Total 2000
Main Set
1 6 100 Free - Build 1-3 W/FINS @ 1:45 (:20) 600
1 6 100 Choice - Skull/Swim by 25 RECOVERY @ 2:20 (:15) 600
1 16 50 IM - Build 1-4 (4xFly, 4xBack…) @ 1:15 (:15-:20) 800
1 8 50 Over/Under, W/Fins @ 1:10 (:15) 400
Total 2400
Breathing/Drill/Warm Down Sets
200 Easy 200
Total 200
Workout Total 4600

3/14/08 - Swim

Not much here to say, since I was just in the water the day before:
Warm up with swimming 200 yards. During this time, work on various phases of swim emphasizing your weakness.

After warm-up, alternate 100 Drill/50 swim.

100 Double Arm Down/50 swim (anything but freestyle)

100 Catch Up/50 swim (anything but freestyle)

100 Single Arm Swim/50 swim (anything but freestyle)

100 Zipper Recovery/50 swim (anything but freestyle)

Cool down with swimming 200 yards at recovery pace. Choose any style of swim.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3/12/08 - Strength, lifting and stretching

Sorry, missed a couple days things have gotten tough with work and the rest of life just getting in the way. So decided to pick it up from today.

So feeling pretty good, got the news last week that Toyota's, Engines of Change program will not be sponsoring any athletes this year, so that was a big disappointment. Being part of a team in any aspect is uplifting and motivating, training seems to hurt less. Anyway all the NY region athletes that were sponsored are hoping they change their mind. In the meantimes I have tried to get Clif Bar to sponsor me. I could give you my 30 second elevator speech but will hold off, I am not looking for money, tickets, or gear (this would be nice) but more or less to talk about a product that is important to the community and children, I feel that Clif Bar is one of those companies that believes in those values.

Anyway today was lifting and I am feeling strong here is how it went:
Legs: Squat machine 90 pounds 15 reps, then 50 pounds one leg extensions 12 reps each leg
Push ups: 20 reps between all exercises
Incline Bench: 3x135 (8 reps)
Seated lat rows: 1x70, 2x100 (8-10 reps)
Push ups
Lat pulldown: 3x100 (8-10) reps
Push ups
Dumbbell Shoulder press: 1x20, 1x30, 1x40 (8 reps)
Push ups
Upright Rows: 3x40+bar (8 reps)
Push ups
Biceps curls: 1x20, 1x30, 1x40 (8-10 reps)
Push ups
Box jumps (40 inch table): 3 sets of 8 reps
Push ups
Seated triceps extensions: 1x45, 2x55, (8-10 reps)
Push ups

Took just under a hour but felt good and boy where my legs shaking after the box jumps, I don't recommend that you try the 40 inches I have always been able to jump.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3/02/08 - Big BRICK, Bike then Run

Getting into the season and things start to get stepped up, I was not sure how I was going to do but an hour into the bike I was feeling pretty good. After and hour and 45 minutes, I was still feeling good so I was not so worried about my run, after the first 3.5 miles my thighs hurt but still was doing an 7:57 mile, so I was happy. I finished with a little over and 8:20 min. mile and completely sore and cramped up for the rest of the day. After a little stretching and having my wife massage my legs and calves things got better. So here it is,
Bike stats:
Duration: 1:45:49:5
Distance: 30 miles
HR: 138/152
Speed: 17.0/36.9 (weak)
Cadence: 68/81

Run stats:
Duration: 58:12.4
Distance: 7.1 miles
HR: 162/171
Pace: 8:20/7:03 (weak, stiff and tired at the end)

3/01/08 - Swim then Bike

So this was a nice workout, felt strong in the pool and on the bike. I put in more time in the pool but it felt good to do 3800 yards.
So here is the bike:
Warm up with 15 minutes of easy cycling.
Bike at an easy pace keeping your heart rate between Zone 1- Zone 3.
Cool down with 15 minutes of easy cycling.
Coach's Notes:
This is predominantly the long, slow distance workout and a major part of long course training.
Make sure to stay hydrated before, during, and after workouts.
Duration: 27:31.4
Distance: 8.1 miles
HR: 148/166
Speed: 17.7/29.8
Cadence: 74/85

400 yards: Warm up with 5 minutes of easy swimming.
Your Main set consists of 3900 yards:
Pull Set 100,200,300 yards
Kick Set 100,200,300 yards
Swim Set 100,200, 300 yards
2x150 Choice-Drill/Swim-w/fins, pst flgs on walls
4x100 pace
2x150 pull
200 warm down
After your main set, cool down with 5 minutes of easy swimming.
Coach's Notes:
This is a Power Swim. Perform various swim intervals and sets at Test Pace plus 10 seconds to Test Pace minus 5 seconds.
Recovery between sets is 1-2 minutes.
Recovery between interval reps is 20 to 30 seconds.
Except for Test Swim, recovery between intervals may be 1-2 minutes.