Friday, February 29, 2008

02/29/08 - Brick, Run then Bike

The good thing about leap years is that you get an extra day to train. Some see that as a bad thing others well it is a free day if you ask me. For me that is good since I was off for a couple weeks. So my calves are as tight as piano wire and was not sure I would get through 1 mile let alone 3.5 (I was shooting for 4) but got through the 3.5 then I jumped right into bike, here are the stats:
Duration: 27:19.0
Distance: 3.5
HR: 156/176
Pace: 7.47/6.31
Notes: Tired, tight and huffing

Duration: 25 min
Distance: 8 Miles
Pace: 19.1
Notes: just getting through, every once and a while you have days like this, mine was on a leap year 2008.

02/28/08 - Swim then Bike

This was not a brick session but got both in close to each other.
I swam for 25 min straight and felt good, a little slow but good, I had been sick and on vacation for 2 weeks so some things are going to take a while to come back.
The bike went like this:
Duration: 33:59.1
Distance: 10 miles
HR: 148/168
Speed: 17.7/19.3
Cadence: 75/88
That is how it went, tired and trying to get back into the training, have to do a brick tomorrow.

02/27/08 - Strength Training

This is the fourth week of the biking BASE PHASE which is used to build the aerobic capacity. Longer duration workouts at slower pace and intensity are predominant.

The focus of today is strength training. Strength training includes yoga, stretching, core exercises as well as weights. Days are identified but this can be done in smaller “doses” throughout the week.

Coach's Notes:
You are building a biking aerobic base and getting stronger.
Ideally you are at least stretching everyday after your other workouts. Your Day Off should be a day off but if really motivated, perform non-aerobic activities.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

02/26/08 - Back and Running

So it has been a week of skiing and some sickness as well, but after a 5 mile run this morning done in 36 min I feel pretty good. The one problem to having all these gadgets is that if left on the batteries die. My foot pod died and I did not notice till I was at the gym and running. Taking 10 days off was not bad for my running my biking and swimming I think suffered more than I am whiling to face, but we will see on Thursday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/11/08 - SICK

Sick, should you train or not! Take the time and get better driving your immune systems lower only makes you worse. I am sleeping it off.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Got my Aquaman tee shirt and feeling pretty good. My times are not dropping as fast as I thought they would. I am doing 100's on the 1:20 and that is 5 or less seconds of rest.


100 Swim choice
100 Kick fins
100 Drill choice
Follow your warm-up with the initial main set.
Your initial main set consists of 1700 yards:
3 x 300 yards (10 sec rest)
Following each 300 yards, record your time. Recover for 30 seconds between each set.
Swim Test Pace as follows:
100 yards at Test Pace plus 10 seconds
100 yards at Test Pace plus 5 seconds
100 yards at Test Pace
100 yards at Test Pace minus 5 seconds
Repeat this Test Pace sequence twice.
Following your main set, swim a 400 yard cool down at recovery pace. Cool down with 200 yards of each of the following:
Kick choice
Swim choice

2/9/08 - cycling

Starting to come down with something but until it hits I will push on. Did a 30 min bike easy and wit time I can my time and cadence going up.
Duration: 33:31:8
Distance: 10 miles
HR: 138/160
Speed: 18/20
cadence: 75/93

In the pool tomorrow.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

2/8/08 - swimming

Love to get wet, think Aquaman, the one thing that I and not seeing just yet is my time coming down. Taking a 4 months off I guess you have to start somewhere. this was an easy day.
1800 yards
400 yard warm up
After warm-up, alternate 100 Drill/50 swim:
100 Single/Double Arm Down Rotate/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
100 Fist Swim/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
100 Sculling/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
100 Kick with Fins/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
Cool down with swimming 400 yards at recovery pace. Choose any style of swim.
200 underwater swim

I am really tired and my legs are killing me from yesterdays brick.

2/6/08 - Brick, Run, Bike

I was not planning on this being a brick session but it turned out that way because of time. the whole workout took around 1:15 and that was perfect. As I stated this week was a easy week but I really wanted to push it to see what was in my tank.
Running Stats:
Duration: 43:54.9
Distance: 5.9 miles
HR: 158/178
Pace: 7:24/6:15

Went right into cycling

Cycling stats:
Duration: 25:33.7
Distance: 1.5
HR: 131/138
Speed: 9.0/17.8

Not bad, felt pretty solid.

2/6/08 - Strength Training

OK this is kind of a day off, but not really, if you enjoy a break in your normal training of swim, bike or run.
This is the first week of the biking BASE PHASE which is used to build the aerobic capacity. Longer duration workouts at slower pace and intensity are predominant.

The focus of today is strength training. Strength training includes yoga, stretching, core exercises as well as weights. Days are identified but this can be done in smaller “doses” throughout the week.

Did a whole body workout with a emphisis on dry land swim training.

Friday, February 8, 2008

4/5/08 - Cycling (trainer)

Being on a trainer is one of the toughest things out there, the leader is a treadmill. winter is here and getting out is tough and colder than running. Today was easy and since there have been no newLife, Bionic Women, or Chuck I kept it easy, real easy.
Bike at an easy pace keeping your heart rate zones between Zone 1- Zone 3.
Duration: 47:32.0
Distance: 13.3 miles
HR: 126/148
Speed: 16.8/19.3
Cadence: 76/84

Can't get any easier than that, tomorrow is weights.

2/4/08 - Running, competitive

This week is a reduced week before we work on the bike portion, each month will be a different transition until the core is built up. This run was to push myself a little to see what I have gained.

Duration: 31:17.5
Distance: 4.3 miles
HR: 158/176
Pace: 7:08/5:36

Run at an easy pace focusing your heart rate between Zone 1 and Zone 3.
The goal is to run at least 4 miles. Try to run your distance in 45 minutes or less.
Coach's Notes:
This is predominantly the long slow distance workout and a major part of long course training.
Remember to stretch before your run.

2/3/08 - OFF

Full day off, this means do nothing rest, some days off are a weight day or other form of low impact exercise, but today was a full day of :-)
Tomorrow is a run day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2/2/08 Swimming

Well this swim has a good feeling because I get tomorrow off. Why are things so sweet when you know the next day activity? So here is the workout:
Warm up with 5 minutes of easy swimming.

After warm up, swim freestyle focusing on endurance for 20 minutes continuously.

Main set consists of 1200 yards:

Build through from easy to hard pace (1 x 200)

Swim Test Pace. Kick alternative sides down length of pool using fins. (1 x 800)

Optional Swim (1 x 200)

Cool down with 5 minutes of easy swimming.

Coach's Notes:
Recovery between sets is 1-2 minutes.

Recovery between interval reps is 20 to 30 seconds.

Except for Test Swim, recovery between intervals may be 1-2 minutes.

Kick with fins is when you use fins to kick on one side, back or front, varying speed of legs. The focus of kicking with fins is to help with ankle flexibility and to help improve your leg power.

2/1/08 - Running

Nice recovery run, schedule was to do 3 easy miles in 30 min, I know you can walk that, so I did a nice run 8:41 and at a 2-6% grade. This allowed me to get on my toes more and really give my body a little rest.
TOD: 5:06 AM
Duration: 26:44
Distance: 3.1
HR: 135/157
Pace: 8:41/7:53

Tomorrow is a nice easy swim 1800 yards 30 min

Monday, February 4, 2008

1/31/08 - Swim, Bike (T1, T2)

This was a push day getting the body ready for competition and I wanted to see what I have in me. A training partner of mine for swimming, swam for Princeton and lets say he is fast, can kick like flipper, it is truly impressive when you can watch, let alone train with someone of this caliper. The intensity and effort put into each workout matches much of what I try to do so the partnership works.
So here is the break down for the swim:
3600 yard the most so far felt good but am tired and sore.
800 easy
4x75 on the 1:20
2x100 underwater swim
3x200 yards (200 all out, 2x200 easy)
8x100 yards (4x100 on the 1:10 50 sec rest, 4x100 on the 2 min)

I was tired but felt good.

Time: 59:42
Distance: 18.1
HR: 138/165
Speed: 18.2/20.2
Cadence: 69/85

1/30/08 - OFF

REST, Repeat, REST

1/29/08 - Long Run

I am feeling a little sluggish, hopefully having a longer training (20 weeks) will build me into a 12-15 hour workout week. So this is a long run 1 hour and need to just get in the miles, 6 is what Active recommends, so here is the breakdown.
Start Time: 5:04 AM
Distance: 7.5
HR: 146
Total Time: 1:00:03

1/28/08 - Cycling

Trying to get things dialed in, working out on a trainer for the better part of the 20 week program is tough. I want to make sure my positioning is right and that I feel comfortable. Since my crash last year I am also looking at new bikes, I had the Quintana Roo and thought it was a good bike and even had a good showing on it as well, placed second. Now Cannondale has the Slice and it looks fast, so i will keep all posted on the move that I make and why it is made.

1:27:00 longest ride yet this year
25 miles
Speed: 17.2/21/1
Cadence: 78/103
HR: 135

Long Run Tomorrow