Monday, February 4, 2008

1/31/08 - Swim, Bike (T1, T2)

This was a push day getting the body ready for competition and I wanted to see what I have in me. A training partner of mine for swimming, swam for Princeton and lets say he is fast, can kick like flipper, it is truly impressive when you can watch, let alone train with someone of this caliper. The intensity and effort put into each workout matches much of what I try to do so the partnership works.
So here is the break down for the swim:
3600 yard the most so far felt good but am tired and sore.
800 easy
4x75 on the 1:20
2x100 underwater swim
3x200 yards (200 all out, 2x200 easy)
8x100 yards (4x100 on the 1:10 50 sec rest, 4x100 on the 2 min)

I was tired but felt good.

Time: 59:42
Distance: 18.1
HR: 138/165
Speed: 18.2/20.2
Cadence: 69/85