Sunday, February 10, 2008

2/8/08 - swimming

Love to get wet, think Aquaman, the one thing that I and not seeing just yet is my time coming down. Taking a 4 months off I guess you have to start somewhere. this was an easy day.
1800 yards
400 yard warm up
After warm-up, alternate 100 Drill/50 swim:
100 Single/Double Arm Down Rotate/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
100 Fist Swim/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
100 Sculling/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
100 Kick with Fins/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
Cool down with swimming 400 yards at recovery pace. Choose any style of swim.
200 underwater swim

I am really tired and my legs are killing me from yesterdays brick.