Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Got my Aquaman tee shirt and feeling pretty good. My times are not dropping as fast as I thought they would. I am doing 100's on the 1:20 and that is 5 or less seconds of rest.


100 Swim choice
100 Kick fins
100 Drill choice
Follow your warm-up with the initial main set.
Your initial main set consists of 1700 yards:
3 x 300 yards (10 sec rest)
Following each 300 yards, record your time. Recover for 30 seconds between each set.
Swim Test Pace as follows:
100 yards at Test Pace plus 10 seconds
100 yards at Test Pace plus 5 seconds
100 yards at Test Pace
100 yards at Test Pace minus 5 seconds
Repeat this Test Pace sequence twice.
Following your main set, swim a 400 yard cool down at recovery pace. Cool down with 200 yards of each of the following:
Kick choice
Swim choice