Wednesday, January 7, 2009

01/06/09 - Run, Bike

So we are really in full swing, ran 7 miles on the tread, that is the worst but good for sprints and hills. I went for 54 min that is a 7:30 pace around, not great but not bad for and easy day, did some sprints at the end for a half mile at 10 mph. Went home and rested, ate and then biked 20 miles. Yes it was on a spin bike, I think I will do that this week then switch to the trainer and/or rollers. Over all it felt good to be in a routine again and think that I am a better position this year than were I was last year.
Swimming and lifting tomorrow, oh my watch had to get new batteries so i can't give great stats till I re-calibrate the foot pod.