Thursday, January 1, 2009

01/01/09 - Trail Running in 25 degrees

For over a decade starting the New Year off right with a trail run or Mt. Bike has been the way that I start the season. No matter what the temp or condition, today was a nice 25 degrees and it was wonderful. I am amazed about how much I don't know about the town that I grew up in. With open spaces and people donating land finding cool places to run is getting easier.
Anyway starting the new year off with some sort of activity should be in all athletes training schedule. For many of us in the north east running in the cold is part of training for the next couple months and I love it. Got myself a pair of Newton Motion All Weather and they are great. Newton has taken their normal shoe added warmth and made an incredible shoe. The Motion All-Weather, is a Motion hybrid that offers Newton’s unique universal posting that accommodates all foot-types, stability and neutral. It features a wind resistant, water-repellent breathable upper, gusseted tongue, and high reflectivity for cold, dark, weather. The patented Action/Reaction Technology™ in the forefoot and heel as well as the midsole foam are specifically tuned for cold and wet temperatures. The outersole incorporates a grippy rubber for reliable traction on wet surfaces.
The best part of the winter months is the trail running and different terrain, but the muscles that you will build up and keep throughout the triathlon season. So what ever you are going to do, get out and embrace the conditions, you never know you might learn something more about yourselves.