Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crazy Treadmill Workout!

OK, you want to see what you are made of, can you be fast/er. I say yes! Are you whiling to push yourself past normal, if so I have the workout for you. It would help to have @newtonrunning shoes , but any will do.
I used Newton DISTANCIA, lightweight neutral trainers, but enough about that.

Here We GO (basing this on my workout, please adjust for you):
Warm up 3-5 min good pace.
5.5 mph for 1 min
11.1 mph for 1 min (comes out to 45 seconds, cause the treadmill take 15 sec to get up to speed from the job pace.
repeat this 12 times. I increased the last two sets to 12 mph then to 12.5 (this was the last one and help it for 90 secs it hurt but was surprised that 4:58 was still in me.

Have to give a shout out to @xendurance, love this stuff!