Thursday, January 12, 2012

1.5 x12 Treadmill, crossfit

4 miles on the treadmill, felt long, could have been the weather or just the 5 am time. So ran the first 3.5 at a 7:30 pace with the last .5 mile at 6:15, almost felt better at 6:15 then at 7:30. Then it was to crossfit. My version of crossfit went like this. Air squats on balance balls, 2x10 Then to sit ups, 50 3x10x85 pounds thrusters Finally box jumps First set holding 18 pound Medicine ball box jump 12 Then 46 inch 12 One leg box jumps to 28 inches 12 each leg So whole workout was 1.5 hours. Tired for the rest of the day. Again, Newtons, getting me through the tough part.