Tuesday, January 24, 2012


1x24 - So today was running, I thought I would see what's in the tank. Newton Running, never lets me down, now just need to find out if they are going to sponsor me after my best season ever keeping 5 year partnership going. 

30 min on the treadmill, first half mile was easy 6-6.5mph, then up to 9.5mph for the next 3 quarters of a mile then back down to 6-6.5 for the next quarter mile, up to 9.5-10 for the next three quarters, back to 6-6.5, then back up to 10 mph for three quarters with the last quarter at 10.5. 

I then raised the treadmill to 10% for a half mile, 3 mph, 4 mph and finished on 5 mph.

OK now I am sweating and feeling the burn in my calves. 

So then to the 100's

  • 100 sit-ups on a Swiss ball
  • 100 shrugs, first 30 with 10 pound weights in each arm with a press at the end of 30, then went to 15 pounds for the next 30, press at the end, 20 for the next 30 press at end and finally 25 pounds for 10 with press at end
  • 100 bench dips with feet on the Swiss ball
  • 100 bicep curls, 10 pounds for 50 reps, 15 pounds for 25 reps, 10 pounds for the last 25
So tomorrow I am sure will be spent in pain. The important thing is that you find the weight that is good for you.