Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1.15x45 - Trail Run

1.15x45 - Trail Run, great day, a little over cast but once moving it felt great, had the dog to pull me a long in the beginning, then me pulling the puppy at the end. So the ground was a little frozen and still some snow on the ground by my Newton Terra Monmentus kept me moving right along, a little slip here and there, with mud and ice this was to be expected. There is really nothing better than running outside on a trail, freezing, raining, windy, hot, cold, it does not matter the feeling you get is incredible, you  can be almost anywhere and feel as though you are lost. The trail keeps you focused and sharp, the air keeps you calm and relaxed. Like Ying and Yang. Not sure of the millage but a good hour and 15 min.