Friday, January 11, 2008

1/10/8 - Run and Swim

So today was Run/Swim not in that order, but the order in which I did them yesterday. I was also using my new Speedo Endurance Training Suit. The suit is a bit demoralizing, but once you get over how slow you are going its a great compression and training suit. I liked the way it hugged my body my muscles felt less fatigued and sore.

Running was:
Warm up with an easy jog of 10 minutes.
Following your warm-up, run 30 minutes (I did 3.6 @ 7:12 pace) felt great.
Stay in Zone1-Zone3 for majority of the run. At anytime during the run perform the following twice: accelerate you heart rate to Zone3 or higher for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes of intensifying your run, return to a pace consistant with heart rate zones of Zone1-Zone3.

Swim Was:
500 warm up
5x100 on the 1:30 kick
5x100 on the 1:30 pull
3x200 first 200 all out, second 200 swim down, third 200 kick
1x100 warm down.
felt great.