Friday, January 4, 2008

1/4/8 - Swim, easy getting into the Groove

Well my really first swim workout since my accident, I have done some swimming but this workout start the season.

Did a warm swimming 400 yards. During this time, I worked on various phases of swim emphasizing my weakness, which is my kick.
After I warmed-up, I alternate 100 Drill/50 swim doing this twice.
100 Double Arm Down/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
100 Catch Up/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
100 Single Arm Swim/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
100 Zipper Recovery/50 swim (anything but freestyle)
Cool down with swimming 300 yards at recovery pace. Choose any style of swim.
I felt tired but good, alternated between breast and free.
Race drill definitions