Sunday, January 6, 2008

1/6/8 - Swim, Run

So things went well today, I was tired after the workout but felt good to be doing double duty.
So I did 2400 yard and 3 miles.
Active training workouts seem to be doing the trick, starting me off light and building into a full advanced schedule.
Begin your warm-up with 100 yards of each of the following:
Swim choice
Kick fins
Drill choice
Follow your warm-up with the initial main set.
Your initial main set consists of 1700 yards:
3 x 300 yards
Following each 300 yards, record your time. Recover for 30 seconds between each set.
Swim Test Pace as follows:
100 yards at Test Pace plus 10 seconds
100 yards at Test Pace plus 5 seconds
100 yards at Test Pace
100 yards at Test Pace minus 5 seconds
Repeat this Test Pace sequence twice.
Following your main set, swim a 400 yard cool down at recovery pace. Cool down with 200 yards of each of the following:
Kick choice
Swim choice

Run for 30 minutes at an easy pace. The goal is to run at least 3 miles.

So the swim was tough since I have been out of the water for so long, I can't wait for my Speedo Endurance Male Full Body Training Suit
to get here, these suits provide muscle compression during training to help maintain body and muscle shape and allow swimmers to train at a higher level. I have a running compression suit from 2XU and it really does work, or at least mind over matter works.
Tomorrow is cycling.