Tuesday, January 8, 2008

1/7/8 - Cycling

It has been good to get into the groove again, getting up early and starting the day with workouts is nice. So today was Cycling, I was to do a 30 min warm up then a 10 mile time trial heart rate in zone 3 or higher. Here is how it unfolded
Warm up with an easy 30 minute ride.
After warm-up, perform your Bike Test. Ride for 10 miles for at least 30 minutes nonstop on relative flat terrain. Ride course all out. Perform at heart rate zones of Zone 3 or higher during this ride. (Approximately 85% maximum heart rate.)
Cool down with an easy 15 minute ride.

Zone 3 - 20%
Zone 4 - 37%
Zone 5 - 13%
Zone 1 - 2%
Zone 2 - 28%
I road for a total of 18 miles but misjudged the warm down, basicly I did not do the warm down, the ride lasted 1:02, should have been 1:15.
Things that I have learned was that I need to get more time on the bike, I feel slow and to achieve my goals I need to be doing the 40k in about an hour.

Need to go faster.