Friday, January 25, 2008

1/22/08 - Long Run

Keeping the legs moving and at a good pace was my goal:
Time: 1:00:00
Distance: 7:00 on the Polar footpod Treadmill: 7.4
Heart rate: 149/173
Pace: 8:43/5:56
I held a conversation through the entire run and really ramp up the speed for the last 5 min, stayed in the high 6 min to the mid 7 min for the last 5 min, it felt good and could have gone a little longer.
Warm up with an easy 10 minute run.
During your 5 mile run, include 6 to 10 running pickups (not at full sprints), for 15 to 45 seconds with less than 3 minutes of rest between moves.
Coach's Notes:
This run is to help build endurance. This is predominantly the long, slow, distance workout and a major part of long course training. Focus your heart rate between Zone 1- Zone 3 for majority of the run.
Make sure you are stretching before and after each run.